FAQ's About Zoom Use + Safety

Q: Why is it important to have my camera on during a Zoom class? 

A: To ensure a more seamless transition from face-to-face instruction to virtual, seeing the student live is essential. Research suggests it improves communication and collaboration among students and teachers, and enhances student engagement. It also provides teachers with a better understanding of their students’ learning because more than 75% of communication is non-verbal.

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Yes, it is safe to turn your camera on during a Zoom class. Zoom, as a web-conferencing service, provides a robust set of security features and practices to meet the requirements for safe and secure collaboration. Read Zoom White Paper on Security

Students should only be turning on their computer cameras during their actual Zoom class, which is a few hours a week. 

Outside of the Zoom class, students and families are encouraged to follow any one of these safety practices to secure their webcam:

  • Close your laptop or turn it off when it is not in use. 

  • Cover up the camera when not in use. Either use a piece a tape or throw a blanket over it. 

Q: What is the best way for me to set up my learning space at home when attending a Zoom class? 

A: Computer cameras provide a very limited view of a user’s surroundings. When they are not positioned well, it can be distracting. Here are a few important things to do when participating in a Zoom class. 

  • Be dressed appropriately as you would for a face-to-face class.

  • Sit comfortably at a desk or table. 

  • Position yourself relatively close to the camera with a plain, uncluttered background, such as the corner of a room. 

  • Make sure the lighting is good. No lamps or bright windows in the background.

Q: Why do you record the Zoom class? 

A: Just as we did for our classes in Adobe Connect, we record Zoom classes for the purpose of: 

  • Providing students who were unable to attend the class with the instruction.

  • Providing students who want to better understand the instruction with the ability to rewatch it. 

Q: Where is the Zoom recording available? 

A: Teachers store their Zoom class recordings on HTA’s Google Drive and then place a link to the recording directly in Connexus, an online learning software we use. Both are secure platforms only accessible by HTA faculty, staff, students, and learning coaches. Our Connexus courses are not accessible to the general public. 

Q: How long do you keep the recordings of Zoom classes? 

A: The Zoom class recordings are accessible to HTA students and learning coaches for the term of the course.