Full Student Portal Navigation Guide

To be a successful student at Hawaii Tech Academy, it is crucial that you understand the in’s and out’s of the school websites. This guide will be showing you a few of the basics of Honu Hub to get you started.

First of all, to get into HonuHub go to the link, https://www.myhta.org. Then to access the Student Portal click the box titled “HonuHub.” Next navigate onto the link called, “To sign into the STUDENT and STAFF portal, click here.” And finally, log into your HTA issued Google account. From here on out, you are working inside the Student Portal and can have access to many features.

On the dashboard page, you may notice a few things. Located in the center is current information about HTA that could possibly be about up-and-coming clubs, school opportunities, activities, or even e-flyers for events. To the right of the screen is two things. One is the “Student Attendance Check-In” which is mandatory for Independent days which is as simple as logging what you will do for the day. The second thing is the School Calendar that is put there to remind you of very important dates coming up in the future for HTA. You can see this on a grander scale by clicking “School Calendar,” listed on the left side of the page.

To access your schedule, this is as simple as clicking the “My Schedule” tab on the left side menu. Here you can view your schedule for the semester in order from period 1-5.

To view your grades, navigate to the “Grades” tab. On this page, you are able to see each class's current grade, percent, and the last date a grade was inputted. It is highly recommended that you check your grades every day.

To view the HTA course catalog & manage your classes, click on the “HS Course Selection” tab. Here, you are able to add, or withdraw from classes, see what classes you need to graduate and view the entire course catalog by clicking the link at the top.

Under the PLP tab, you can view a variety of sub-categories. The first sub-category is the “About Me” tab. This is primarily for you to put information about yourself into there that teachers can view when looking at your account details. Secondly, is the “Cores” tab which allows you to input HTA Cores about yourself into there and views later for reflecting. As well as looking at cores your teachers put in about you for possibly doing good in class. And after that is the “Core Report” tab which is what’s actually used for reflecting on your cores at the end of the year. Lastly is the “Goals” tab that helps you set short or long term goals for yourself to achieve.

To view your transcript, click on the “Transcript” tab which will then take you to a new window with your transcript.