How to navigate Connexus

To get to the Connexus website, go to the link, Next, you will want to log into your account using the login given to you from the HTA administration. After that, you’re in!

On the dashboard page, you can find all of your courses displayed here and can easily access each one by simply clicking on it. There are also daily announcements posted in the middle of the screen.

An easy way to view all your assignments that are due is to use the “To-Do List.” To access the To-Do List, click on “To-Do List” on the navigation bar located around the top left of the screen. Everything is easily viewable and put into order so you can keep track of assignments adequately. And you can even click on the “Activity Stream” tab to see graded assignments or updates.

Lastly to view your grades click on the Menu button in the top left corner which will open a drop-down menu. From there, click “Grades” and you can see all your grades in detail including for each assignment.